Hôtel lodge Au Bois Vert

Accommodation : In a paradise area into the center of city, you’ll be surprised by traditional bungalows.

Putting together nobility materials and naturals ones, like stones and wood, with the Malagasy know how, artisans worked two years to sculpt. We have wish to insert rooms in the park without cutting even a tree, like that you can be in harmony with nature during your trip at Au Bois Vert.

Accommodation : Au Bois Vert Bathrooms’ are carved in raw local stone, Granit. Furniture’s are designed by artisans as well as every decoration components. Walls are decorated by cements’s friezes.

Jean-Jacques Rebiere, the creator of this new and unique concept has wished to give a free rein to employees imagination of the Hotel. That’s how, each of them have drawn by hands Malagasy landscapes and represent local way of life in the cement. A lot of details give to rooms an incomparable charm.